Laundry/Mudroom in the Making

Our back door is our primary means of entry. Even when we have company over about 50% of the time we take them through the garage and to the back door. The first thing you see when you walk through the back door is this...

The top of the washer and dryer are a dumping ground for just about everything. I decided to do a little mini makeover. I took everything out that did not belong in the laundry room. I hid the rest of the 'junk' inside some wooden crates that I picked up at a yard sale. This only used up two crates, leaving me an empty one so I decided to take the cleaners out from under the kitchen sink and store here as well. I then used shower curtain rings to hang up the mop, broom, and duster and I stuck the dryer sheets in a petty glass vase. Here is what my laundry room looks like now.

I love that the crates hide a bunch of clutter, and hanging the mop and broom up is a lot more convenient. When I'm done mopping I can just hang it up and slide my mop bucket underneath it to catch any drips. I must admit, it does look a lot better but I'm not done. Here are a couple ideas I have for the future of this room.

The middle crate it full of our rags. With a new puppy who is finally starting to get the point of house training and two messy kids, including a two year old in potty training, I use those rags a lot. However I'm short and they are hard to reach. I usually end up sliding the crate forward then pulling it down. When I do this, the wire shelf scraps the bottom of the crate creating a shower of tiny wood pieces resulting in a huge mess. I plan on stacking the crates on their side, adding some wheels and sliding them in next to the dryer (I'll figure out another place for the trash can). Even though they look nice and hide a lot of clutter, the crates just are not working on the shelf.

I would also like a place to put our shoes when we come inside but since there really is no place for shoe storage on the floor I think something like this may be doable.

These lemonade carafes would be perfect for storing my homemade laundry detergent and fabric softener in.

I usually hang clothes that need to dry on the bottom shelf but there really isn't that much space between the bars for hanging shirts or wider clothes without folding them. If I use hangers to hang them up then they bunch up at the bottom. This fold up clothes drying rack would be perfect for hanging clothes as well as providing some extra storage.

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  1. Wonderful ideas! Love the drink dispenser being used for laundry detergent! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, I love them too!! So much prettier than what the stuff actually comes in.

  2. Being short myself, I wondered about the boxes being up so high. It looks like you are thinking this one through very carefully. I moved my cleaners out from under the sink a couple of years ago and freed up space for all the baking sheets, trays, glass pans and cutting boards. Best idea ever! Your room looks so much better already! ~ Maureen

    1. The people who lived here before must have been freaking giants. I had to move all of the closet shelving down. Even my husband who is fairly tall couldn't reach the top shelf without a step stool. Thank you for your sweet comment.

  3. I love that drying rack (I have it pinned, too!). I'll probably be adding something like it to our bathroom/laundry room.

    1. I would love to see photos of your bathroom/laundry room once you get it up. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Looking good! I love your makes me want to do more around our place. Love those crates...I want some!!!!

  5. Just an idea since you are having trouble reaching the shelves bring the shelves down lower for you. Also maybe the crates aren't the ideal thing for you something that wouldn't splinter might be better there. I like the corner with your garbage can and the idea that you put your bucket behind it so the mop can leak into it if need be. The other ideas are great keep up the good work!

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  7. Laundry is one of never ending household jobs, you need to manage it well.


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